Specialist Bespoke & Customised Construction Components

In addition to a wide range of fixing and fastener components from some of our supply partners and leading names in the construction industry.

If you have a particular fixing issue, where none of the off-the-shelf components solve your problem, Elite Fasteners are able to manufacture a component that does exactly what you want it to. Quantities are not a barrier – Elite Fasteners will work to your demand. Elite Fasteners are experts in specials to drawing or samples – supplying the manufacturing, Construction and Engineering industries.

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Blind Bolts

The Blind Bolt is unique in its design, requiring no special tools for fittings and no oversize hole diameters, thus allowing fewer fixings to be used, yet retaining rigidity and strength in application.

The product has a broad fixing capability, whilst achieving a superior performance in both shear and tensile load capabilities. Another important benefit in using the Blind Bolt is ability to be removed in the majority of applications, allowing maintenance activity to take place.

The Blind Bolt brings exceptional qualities to the market in that it has transcended the first generation of blind fixings image to become a product that is changing the way architects and builders alike approach their designs.

The Blind Bolt is now being used in areas where never expected and we are sure there are many more uses for the system. The Blind Bolt fixing can be used in vertical and horizontal fittings. Of particular note are the opportunities in the engineering and construction sectors were bridge-work obstacles and structural clamping methods can be eliminated by using the Blind Bolt for its flexibility in application.

No longer is fixing into a girder cavity or box section a problem. The Blind Bolt has created this opportunity while in most cases reducing costs.

For those special applications the Blind Bolt can be manufactured to customer requirements both in size and material type.

Powder Coated Fixings

Elite Fasteners powder coated fasteners have been developed specifically for architectural/outdoor applications. Manufactured to the highest standard, the coated fasteners have excellent exterior durability and colour retention.

Powder coating produces a tough robust finish. A vast colour range is offered consisting in different finishes.

Elite Fasteners, can arrange for the coating of a diverse range of fasteners dependent upon customer requirements, including nails, screws, bolts and rivets.

Powder coated fasteners have many applications; fixing cladding and architectural panels, including glass fibre reinforced polyester, fibre cement and resin decorative panels, as well as portable building, caravan and mobile home manufacturing. They can also be used in various manufacturing applications, which require a coloured fixing such as outdoor furniture and commercial vehicles.

Corrosion resistant and maintenance free, the aesthetic powder coated fasteners are hard wearing and totally UV stable.

Pig Nose Assemblies

Pig nose screws are held as a stock item at NPI, reducing both cost and delivery lead times. If your size is not held in stock, delivery can still be made within a few days.

Standard material for pig nose screws is traditionally stainless steel, however we can manufacture from any material, even plastic.

Pig nose screws used with stainless steel glass risers gives a clean professional finish to any custom designed project.

Pig nose drive holes
Pig nose drive holes can be positioned on the front face of the screw, or if a more discreet method is preferred, the drive hole can be made in the side.

Pig nose bolt
Pig nose fixings come in many guises. For a more imposing image a bolt type appearance may be preferred.

Pig nose nut covers
Pig nose nut covers allow all fixings to appear identical even though some are actually not bolts, but nuts, disguised.

Pig nose blanks
Pig nose fixings can enhance a structure’s appearance in some settings. If this is a character which you wish to have but do not require actual fixings, then pig nose blanks may be an appropriate solution.


Molabolts work by having the ability to expand once in position, providing a firm and completely reliable hold.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any specialist skill or tools
  • Provides a firm, strong grip

Product Range
There are five product types available: –

Peg Anchor Molabolt
The most popular Molabolt, used in steelwork fabrication involving blind box sections.

Anti-Vibration Molabolt
Used to overcome the issues regarding vibration and minimal locking torque.

Threaded Bypass Molabolt
Used where the recipient thread has become damaged or worn.

Fire Resistant Molabolt
Used in concrete filled steel box sections, designed to disperse the heat in cases of intense fire.

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